My mentor was really good; teaching me so much that I hope to be able to use in my future placements and hopefully employment. The students were wonderful and made me laugh, smile,  wall, and kept me on my toes each and everyday.

I had the pleasure of meeting other pre-service teachers from other unis. It was nice to finally had another person to talk to face to face with, and most days we caught up for a very quick hello and to see how our days and lessons were going, plus to offer some advice and tips for those times that didn’t seem to go so well.

I will take some time mention some ICTs considering this was an ICT placement. They served the intended purpose and the students all enjoyed the: alphabet dice for students to play bingo with as they had to relate the letters on the screen and find it in their names. YouTube was also used for books, stories, etc. YouTube is a great ICT!

A lot of the ICTs I desgined myself, mainly sing Smart Technologies Smartboard. I use lot of flip card activities for Year 1). If you want any let me know.


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