Practicum Year 1 History Lessons!

The unit planning activity involved in Assignment 2 has in the end been of great use for my practicum. My mentor has begun a history unit with the Year 1 class on the history of toys and she told me today that she wants me to do some lessons on, ‘ICTs: Then and Now.’ This is more or less the unit that I planned or in Assignment 2. How coincidental is that! I am to incorporate ICTs such as blogging, Facebook, Skype, into the lessons, and have students compare them to ways of communicating from the past. Lucky I kept that old telephone the kids used to play with. Finding someone to Skype or Facebook video chat with during one of the lessons will be interesting. Who would like to join us? I need to get someone tolink up with so the students can see ow this type of ICT operates. I have seen video conferencing used in my last practicum but did not actually participate in that lesson, let alone organise and teach the lesson. At worse I can rope a relative into connecting to the class for a quick little video chat. I think it will be good!


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