Connect Ed.

Connect Ed certificate Angela Hayes

During the last two days I have been working on the Connect Ed. modules. I found them rather interesting and informative. I was actually surprised to read that schools and teachers can be made liable for students cyber-bullying other students outside school and outside school hours. I am surprised that schools and teachers can be punished for a phenomenon that has been created because of advances in science and changes in society. Why? I could understand if teachers were observers of bullying behaviours and do nothing about it, but behaviours which occur away from their workplace and in context out of their control?

Anyway! I found the ideas very informative and the resources and support offered of a very high quality. I’m sure I will use them in the classroom. Considering developing cyber-safety policies and programs is a priority in schools these resources will be very useful.

I agree with Karabcolgan, in her blog titled ‘CONNECT ED. LEARNING’, where she writes, ‘┬áthat assisting kids to be cybersafe goes beyond just the activities we give them within the classroom, but also includes every online task they will ever encounter. We need to be giving kids the knowledge and skills they require to be cybersafe inside and outside of school and for the rest of their lives.’ I couldn’t have put it better myself.


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