Lest We Forget.


A great blog by Robyn Greenwood. Worth reblogging!!!

Robyn’s comments about comparing communications in 1914 to 2015, through use of ICTs, is very interesting and pertinent to this course.

We Will Remember


On a special day like today, I am left to think about how communication around the world took place in 1914. Parents could not just call up their children while they were serving our country, they could not just send them a quick text to say they miss them. No emails either, everything was pen, paper and a stamp and in the post it went that could take several weeks to reach its destination. My family suffered a great loss in the war and notification of his death arrived before a letter he sent home a couple of days before his final act of bravery. Many families would spend months on end without hearing from their children/brothers/sisters while they were half way around the world fighting for our freedom.

Today I am left grateful for the advancement in ICTs to allow us to communicate with our loved ones from all over the world, in many forms with less time to wait to hear from them. As a parent I can not possibly consider the heartache countless families went through waiting to hear from their loved and missed family members back in the time of WWI.

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