ICTs and Practicum!

While surfing other students’ blogs I came across a blog by Steve Croft tilted, “Am I going to remember all of this???”, dated, April 24, 2015. He wrote about how he was feeling nervous and anxious with practicum looming in the near future. I am feeling exactly the same. During the coming practicum we are expected to utilise ICT a lot. Steve was asking himself ‘Am I really going to remember all of this? RAT, SLIC etc?’

Steve then went onto lsting the things he needs to remember to incorporate into planning learning experiences in the upcoming practicum. Some of the things he listed were:

  • ICT as Replacement – the ICT is replacing prior means
  • ICT as Amplification – the ICT increases efficiency or productivity of existing approach
  • ICT as Transformation – the ICT makes learning/teaching fundamentally different than it would be without it.
  • The RAT framework: 
  • Student Learning process – what the learner does
  • Instructional method – what the teacher does
  • Curriculum goals – what you want the learner to learn.

I think this is a great little list that I can really use while planning for practicum. I’m sure it will be a great use. I am still very nervous about practicum and all I need to incorporate. I am particularly worried about the amount of ICT you’re meant to have, and working in with what the mentor teacher wants nd what ICT resources will be available. It will be an interesting Practicum!!! Best of luck everyone!


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