ICT addiction interferring with LIFE!

The title of Ashleigh Fearby’s blog post, ‘Dinner Time is NO place for Technology’ captured my interest.’ When I read it I came to this YouTube video Ashleigh had a link to. The video was, ‘Technology has hijacked family dinnertime. Watch the Pepper Hacker reclaim it.’ It’s a great two minute video which does highlights how ICTs can become very addictive for people, younger generations in particular. The video shows different parents using a device which cuts of TV, internet and other ICT connections and then forces a whole family to sit down to a meal together. The link to this video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUgv5MDF0cQ#t=90

It was interesting to see the reactions of different people when their ICTs were no longer available.

I wonder if students can only be effectively motivated through the use of ICTs because they have become so use to having them and using them?


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