APPs for iPad

With my practicum coming up soon I went and spoke to mentor teacher a few weeks ago, to see how her Year One Class (NSW) is structured. She told me uses iPads and wants me to incorporate these into lessons. I researched iPads as a form of differentiation. When looking at the blog,” Apps. Can they improve a learning experience, “ by Gemma Smith, I came across a great site she suggested. On the site I came across this article, ‘10 sites for Differentiated Learning.’ Gemma wrote that Apps can be used to improve a learning experience? The site she had a link to, has links to different webpages or apps that can help support all students learning within the classroom. I am going to use this site for sure. Here are the ten sites listed in the article

10 Sites for Differentiated Instruction  by David Kapuler

1.BrainNook – A wonderful site/apps for Math and Language Arts that generates detailed common-core aligned reports allowing educators to set assignments targeting students weak areas  or areas for improvement.

2.Clever Island – A fantastic site that covers a wide range of subjects: Math, Reading, Science, etc. Also, CI is geared for students to learn at their own pace as well adapt to children’s different learning styles.

3.Gummii – An innovative site (private alpha)/app for different areas of Math (fractions, addition, subtraction).  Gummi immerses students into a educational 3D world (similar to Minecraft) where they solve mathematical equations tailored to differentiated instruction.

4.Infuse Learning – A terrific site/app that enables educators to create an educational environment tailored to meet the different needs of their students.  Also, IL has seamless integration with BYOD and mobile learning.

5.IXL – One of the most popular sites around for Math that allows for student tracking with detailed reporting.  Also, with the ability to track student “trouble” areas a teacher can adjust their teaching (differentiation) to help meet the needs of their students.

6.No Red Ink – One of my favorite sites for helping students with Grammar and Writing skills.  NRI uses differentiated instruction to help students with problem areas and adjust accordingly.  Also, teachers can track students and generate detailed reports.

7.Power My Learning – A great way for educators to differentiate instruction by customizing the learning experience for students using Power My Learning.

8.TenMarks – A common core aligned program for Math (grades 1st-10th) that uses differentiated instruction to help students learn.

9.ZooWhiz – A fantastic site aligned to educational curriculums in a wide variety of subjects (Math, Grammar, Vocab, etc.).  ZW offers details progress reports that helps assess students learning needs.

10.Zondle – A great site that interacts with Edmodo where educators can create educational games for individual or whole-class learning.


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