A workable Definition of Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

Many thanks to Max Borserio for having mentioned the article ‘Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Teachers’ Integration of Subject Matter, Pedagogy, Students, and Learning Environments ‘, by Kathryn F. Cochran, of University of Northern Colorado. I found Max’s blog on, ‘Anybody else confused by the idea of pedagogical content knowledge?’ very useful. Max gave a quote from the article which made things a little clearer for me. The quote is, “Pedagogical content knowledge is a type of knowledge that is unique to teachers, and is based on the manner in which teachers relate their pedagogical knowledge (what they know about teaching) to their subject matter knowledge (what they know about what they teach). It is the integration or the synthesis of teachers’ pedagogical knowledge and their subject matter knowledge that comprises pedagogical content knowledge. According to Shulman (1986) pedagogical content knowledge.”
I, like Max, had been having trouble with clarifying and gaining understanding from previous definitions offered. It is good to find a quote and an article which helps clarify!

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