Mapping Skills and ICTs.

While checking on my emails I noticed an article posted by Tassia Yeo titled, ‘Integrating ICT into Mathematics – Effective Curriculum Ideas, ‘ and I was interested in reading about how ICTs can be used teacher for Mapping skills in Mathematics. I have seen this being used in classroom during practicums.

The article Tassia posted stated that teachers should be integrating a variety of modern technologies when teaching mapping/location units. It stated that students should be using Google Maps to:

(i) Locate landmarks in their local community, state and Australian, using: normal view (pictured), street view (drag the yellow man onto the map), satellite and Traffic views.

(ii) Plan routes using the (click ‘Directions’) of journeys from school to home, home to extra-curriculua activities, and from school to excursions locations .Students should be using Google Earth to explore the mathematical concepts of location, positional language, scale and distance in both Google Earth and Street View modes.

During a practicum I saw a teacher using Google Maps to give a lesson in calculating distances between places of interest in the local area. It seemed to work very well. I’m sure I will give it a go in my classroom some time in the uture.

Having th students view places around the world on Google earth is also a great idea. And it is all is very accessible.

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