The Problems with using ICTs can be a headache!

I visited Suzanne Hardwick’s blog and read something she wrote in her blog ‘mobile phone post!‘: “Keeping these kids today on track was an uphill battle (I won) but incorporating ICT and computers? NahUh. Noooooooo wayyyyyy in a million years would I trust these kids to do it. Never. Sorry but no.”

I must say, I do agree to some extent with this statement, in some contexts. I remember on my last practicum the teacher having troubles with just keeping the students logged on and kept logged onto the internet portal. The school was in NSW and in the public schools, students and staff have to log onto a computer before they can even turn the computer on and be able to access software or the internet. It just so happens that Kindergarten (Foundation) and Year One students have a very bad habit of accidentally logging off which can cause problems. Then of course they can’t remember how to spell their surnames! Just getting them to log on takes quite some time. By the time you deal with these sort of things you ask yourself if it worth it. But when things do run smoothly (usually with much preparation and help) it is worth it. Just because it sometimes takes longer to logon than it takes to do the activity, shouldn’t dissuade you from using ICT.


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