ICTs and Year One at Public State School

Assignment One – ‘Online Artefact.’

“ICTs and Year One at Public State School.”

Well I finally finished my online artefact (created for EDC3100 Assignment One) for everyone to have a look at.

I used Windows Movie Maker 6, which is available on most PCs. Some of the audio and video was taken at my last practicum site. I used ‘Smartboard Notebook’ and the snipping tool to create some of the images.

I chose to publish a video on YouTube so that parents would have ready access. I didn’t want parents to have to e=read too much text. There would be more chance of a typical parent watching a short video, rather than reams of text to read. The video could be shown at a school assembly quite easily.

I thought using student voices would make it more captivating and meaningful. Just as well; I’ve had laryngitis for the past ten days. Permissions were easy to gain.

Feel free to give me some feedback!

Link:   http://youtu.be/jx84sWpaaWs


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