Are ICTs making us Lazy and Dependent?

I was perusing some other blogs and came across one entry by Jordan Fonoti named, ‘Is Technology Making Us Lazy.’ The title drew me in as I’ve often wondered this very question. He was talking about ‘technologies’ but I think his arguments could cover all ICTs. Everywhere you go, you see people on ICTs such as mobile phones, Google and in classrooms, teachers using IWBs. The term ‘lazy’ maybe a rather inappropriate one I feel. Jordan, in a roundabout way, proposes that ‘lazy’ encompasses both physical and intellectually. He says that ICTs do and don’t make people lazy. From my observations it seems that they can make people a lot more busy and probably more efficient. ICTs have replaced other technologies to make things more effective, efficient, faster and accurate. I read something a while ago (I’ve forgotten where) that IWBs create more preparation time for a teacher but a far more effective teaching tools than blackboards. I suppose even ‘gaming’ could be seen as less lazy than sitting and passively watching TV, which would have it’s predecessor.

Another good question would be, ‘Is technology (ICTs) making people more dependent upon them? I think the answer to this one would be very different. On Tuesday (14th April, 2015) there will be an 8 hour blackout on my road, I don’t know what I will do without my ICTs for that time. I’ll just have to go for a walk instead!

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