After reading Rohan Watson’s blog titled ‘NGRAM Viewer’, which he blogged on March 11th and having read about it in the learning paths I went and Hd a look myself. This appears to be an excellent online resource and I think it would be interesting to use in the classroom setting with students.

I found out that ‘NGRAM Viewer’ can be used as a very useful educational tool. It could be used in a number of curriculum areas. It could be very useful when exploring new or unknown vocabulary presented in texts. I believe it to be most useful for teachers in preparing lessons and activities when using a new, unseen text with their classes. The students would also find this a useful opportunity to explore words/phrases that they are interested in or unsure of. I’m sure I will use this resource in the future, maybe in my next practicum.

This is the link you follow to get to NGRAM viewer:

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