Copyright. What a headache!

After completing Learning path for Week 3 and seeing what is expected of in regards to copyright in Assignment 1, my head was spinning. I have become use to and proficient at referencing in APA style, but I am at a total loss when it comes to this!! I was most upset with the mammoth task it appears to be at first sight. I can’t comprehend how I will be able to produce an online artefact without using online images and such like.

Visiting Sam Andison’s blog, ‘Copyright…Have you broken the law???’ posted on 17th March, 2015, my feelings about copyright were a little alleviated, but not much. Seeing that someone else was feeling the same was reassuring.

I agree with Sam in that there do need to be laws in force to protect those who in are the entertainment industry as their livelihoods rely on their work, but the copyright laws in Australia goes beyond that , preventing ‘fair use’, preventing creative expression.

I have to keep looking further into the issue of copyright as it arises in the online artefact that I have to produce for Assignment 1.


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