You know, when I was young ICTs…

How have ICTs changed the world? I was thinking about this, after having done the learning pathways for week two. I watched the video showing how technology has increased and changed over the years. I tried to find an example of this in my own life. There are so many! I used to listen to my parents and grandparents start saying, ‘When I was young there was no..’ Now I can turn around and say,”You know, when I was young I had never seen a computer, a calculator, an iPhone, a Smartboard…’ When I was growing up telephones were only seen in important places like businesses, offices and rich peoples’ houses. I remember the first phone we did have (when we living out west in a small rural town) was one of those ones that had a crank where a dial should have been, and you had to wind it to talk to the operator ho would ten connect you to the number you wanted. There were no direct lines. If you had to talk about something personal  you had to go to the neighbouring town where there were public phones, otherwise Miss Gerty would be telling the whole town your business. Now you have mobile phones which connect to the internet and allow your to talk to anyone in the world and give you information on any topic you desire., and it helps you to organise your life. The only technologies I remember from when I was at school was a slide project and an old black and white TV. I don’t think there were any ICTs at all, not one. How things are changing. I can’t imagine will be available to future classrooms. We live in a world of ICTs and have to learn how to embed them in classroom pedagogies. This article by UNESCO gives an insight into New Directions of IC and their use in Education.

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