Useful Tools for Creating Artefacts for Assignment One.

I was reading a Patrick Linnan’s blog post, ‘Week 1, Blog 3’ made on 7th March, 2015 and came across a few interesting resources that he wrote about. He wrote that ‘students from previous courses had used programs to create animations such as Powtoon and GoAnimate.’ I went to those sites and found that they are indeed most useful sites with good resources to use. I may experiment and see if something may be suitable for Assignment 1’s artefact. GoAnimate has a free 4 day trial and $50 per month thereafter. Powtown is free! Patrick Linnan wrote that these resources could provide students with simple ways to make a presentation or a way for teachers making learning experience more effective. I can see the use of animations in these two resources drawing students in and motivating them. In the past I have relied on others giving me ideas when it comes to learning about ICTs, but I can now see that blogs and other ICTs such as Diigo and Feedly will be of great benefit, not only for assessment tasks in this course, but also into the future. Although rather daunting at first, I can see their applications.

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