ICTs and 21st Century Learning!

I read a very interesting article written by Joke Voogt (the Netherlands), Chris Dede (USA).Ola Erstad (Norway), which discusses the importance of ICTs in 21t century learning. They reiterated on the topic that “rapid development of information and communication technologies (ICT) are continuously transforming the way in which we live, work and learn.” They explored they skills that are required for living and working in the 21st century: collaboration, communication, digital literacy, citizenship, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, productivity.

I agree with Voogt and Dede when they say that “an important change has taken place in the way new digital tools and collaborative environments have enhanced learning, from an emphasis on reproducing information and content to content creation and sharing in virtual environments, which some describe as a remixing culture.

There are 3 main literacies that we need to develop: Technological literacy (to be aware of the interplay between technology and society), ICT literacy (the skills needed to make effective and efficient use of ICT) and

Information literacy (the capacity to access information efficiently and effectively) (Voogt and Dede, 2011).

I think the biggest statement that they make is “using ICT to shift our educational structures from industrial era schools to new types of 21st century formal educational models is important” (Voogt & Dede, 2011). I believe schools are now on the edge of this shift, but some educators are reluctant. I mean to make that shift, to evaluate how I use ICTs in the classroom and how I use them to transform learning, not just to use them as what Max Borserio, in his blog, wrote, using ICTs as ‘add-ons’.


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