Creating a link to other Blogs!

Well I finally learnt how to make a link to other blogs. I had been trying to do this for some days without any success at all. I had been making comments on my blog and other blogs but there were not links being made. I was stressing out because I was doing all this work but it wasn’t fulfilling the compulsory component of the assignments: making links. I then visited the Assignment 1 forum and saw a discussion about making links. I went to the online resources and spent I don’t know how long on trying to follow the instructions, without any success. To me it was like reading another language. It wasn’t until I went to write something on my own blog that I noticed the links icon which I remember seeing in the WordPress support resource on making links. When I clicked on the icon the whole process became so easy. I think it was the fact that no person or resource had stated to make a link while writing a blog entry that had me so confused. I feel rather dumb now that I know it was such a little thing (I knew it had to be some small step I was missing), but that doesn’t matter now. NOW I KNOW HOW TO MAKE A LINK!

In the future I will understand that vacant, blank look kids have when you ask them to do something you just spent 30 minutes explaining to them. Back track and find out what was missed in the explanation or understanding. Don’t assume everyone can do something after the first, second, third…attempts.


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