Should educators be trained in new ICTs?

I saw this section of the learning paths as thought provoking. I myself am not confident with using ICTs that I have had little or no previous experience with. At first I thought, “YES,’ teachers should be given training, and to some extent I do still believe this. It would be a time efficient and an effective way for teachers to learn about unfamiliar ICTs that they may be expected to use in the classroom. I also agree with both Jonah Salsich and Chris Betcher in that teacher need to learn about the new technology and how to incorporate it into learning programs, for themselves. Teachers should be able to transfer that knowledge across various internet programs. But this all takes valuable time away from others areas. I agree that time and countless other responsibilities are often the hurdles for teachers to integrate more technology into their instruction. But those hurdles do exist and they need to be addressed by both employer and employee. Often a little instruction and help can reduce these hurdles. An example of this would be one teacher showing another how to use Movie Maker when they have had no prior experience with it. What would take a teacher countless hours to learn by themselves could be dealt with in a much shorter amount of time. Teachers can help each other by sharing knowledge, skills and strategies. In any other job it would be seen as workplace bullying if an employee is expected to use tools (ICTs) when they have not been given sufficient training.

When on practicum I develop new skills which I can use and develop further. Often it is being acquainted with new ITC, that will encourage new learning.

I think it is rather arrogant of some educators to assume what others need to learn and how they should learn it. Their context of learning can be very different from the other teacher’s context of learning.

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