A Theory I like: Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development.

I have observed the many ways in which Vygotsky’s theory of Zone of Proximal Development has been embedded into classroom practice during my practicums. This is one theory I do believe in. I think most teachers go to great lengths to ensure they are instructing and organising the learning environment so that students are working within the Zone of Proximal Development. This can be rather challenging for the classroom teacher because it requires them to develop individual learning plans for all students. Use of ICTs can help in many ways. In one classroom I had a practicum in used programs such as Reading Eggs, Study Ladder and Maths Online to individualise the learning program. Many of these programs scaffold student leaning, a key feature of Vygotsky’s theory. I’m sue there are many and varied ways in which ICTs can be used to differentiate learning. ICTs can also be used to help find out where students are at and to monitor their progress.


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