“The curse of knowledge”

When I think of T S Elliot’s quote, ” Nothing pleases people more than to go on thinking what they have always thought, and at the same time imagine that they are thinking something new and daring: it combines the advantage of security and the delight of adventure”, I can see how my teaching to date has been heavily influenced by the ways I have been taught in the past and by the ways in which I prefer to learn. I have always preferred lecture notes, slides, visuals and lectures. I can see how the ICTs I have used have just been extensions of these ways of thinking and learning. I think it is natural for people to operate within what they are comfortable and feel safe with. Being asked to use the new and unknown can be very challenging and bring about anxiety, thereby developing a fear and lack of confidence to deliver. I suppose it is only by pushing past our comfort zones and having  ‘ a go’ at the new, that new knowledge, skills and understandings can be developed.


One thought on ““The curse of knowledge”

  1. Hi Angela,

    I liked how you described using ICTs as an extension of ways of thinking and learning; like a digital progression. Stepping out of my comfort zone is something I have definitely learnt to embrace at uni. Although at times it is overwhelming but the rewards of accomplishment and new knowledge are great. If we expect our students to challenge themselves, first we must be prepared to challenge ourselves.



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