My mentor was really good; teaching me so much that I hope to be able to use in my future placements and hopefully employment. The students were wonderful and made me laugh, smile,  wall, and kept me on my toes each and everyday.

I had the pleasure of meeting other pre-service teachers from other unis. It was nice to finally had another person to talk to face to face with, and most days we caught up for a very quick hello and to see how our days and lessons were going, plus to offer some advice and tips for those times that didn’t seem to go so well.

I will take some time mention some ICTs considering this was an ICT placement. They served the intended purpose and the students all enjoyed the: alphabet dice for students to play bingo with as they had to relate the letters on the screen and find it in their names. YouTube was also used for books, stories, etc. YouTube is a great ICT!

A lot of the ICTs I desgined myself, mainly sing Smart Technologies Smartboard. I use lot of flip card activities for Year 1). If you want any let me know.


Virus in my computer

I’m sure there is a virus in my computer which is slowing everything down. I click on something and advertisement pages pop up. I have to attempt to click something on a few times before I actually get where I want to go. This reminds me of my first practicum where the main classroom computer (the one which ran the IWB) had a virus. It took a week for the tech people to come out to the school to do something about it. Just another worry you have when planning activities for the classroom involving ICTs. I will have to get someone to have a look at my computer as I am not proficient at any technical problems. This I will have to work on!

Nearing the end

Well practicum is over and I am now trying to gather together all my feedback from mentor and self. This is the easy part. Having to relate my feedback to frameworks, theories and the like is the very difficult part. I must admit I am finding this part extremely difficult. I can see how classroom practice is influenced by theories and frameworks and to a certain extent I can even link the two. But writing it into a coherent essay is taxing me. By the end of this essay I hopefully will be able to identify, implement and give feedback on classroom practice. Here’s hoping.

Blogging, Blogging, Blogging!

I can see that using a blog and linking to other blogs can be a very worthwhile activity. There are so many different ideas and viewpoints out there on the web for all of us to share, view and respond to. It is a field of literacy that interests me. BUT! I start to get the feeling that I am constantly search other people’s blog so that I can make links to them because it is a prescriptive in this course. I’m not sure if it is being as beneficial to me as it is a hindrance. Much of my focus is trying to find that 60% links to other blogs and links to resources. Here’s an article on ‘Why teachers should use Blogging,’ which I may do when I’ve finished blogging.

Sorry! Having a bad week!

Teaching with ICTs into the future.

Gemma Smith’s blog post, ‘The future of ICTs. They are here to stay!‘ was a good little read, informative and something we would all agree with. ICTs are an excellent learning tool and will only get more so into the future. We as educators need to become more knowledgeable about effective use of ICTs in the classroom. A video for you to watch,

Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: ipad, Table, Computer, Listening Centres.’

Teaching Profiling.

Looking at Tanya Sinden’s blog post ‘Profiling’, about teaching profiling, sort of surprised and scared me. I know this is how educators will undergo ongoing professional development over their entire careers. It’s a little like Big Brother with all those hidden cameras constantly focussed on us. I know we have to get used to it all (it being linked to our pay scale and professional placements) and hopefully it will be a shared, negotiated process which will enable us to grow as professionals. Our professional placements during our pre-service days should help us get used to it all. What do you think about ‘Big Brother?” Here is an article about it. “Teaching Profiling”.